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In this pack you’ll be shown five different dino themed trays that you can build at

home. We have created this DIY guide to help you learn ways to combine textures

and colours on a sensory tray for your little ones to engage with!

We’d love for you to use these tuff tray ideas and apply to any theme you like!

Because the most important thing is to cater to your little ones current interests.

Use this DIY guide to help you discover ways of combining sensory bases and store

bought ingredients to create messy magic!

You can purchase sensory fillers such as rice and cloud dough on our website.

However if you are more interested in upskilling and making your own, just turn the

page to follow the step by step guide on how to make your own sensory fillers.

Each dino tray design is uniquely made and incorporates different textures, colours

and sensory fillers. We hope you love them as much as we do.

Have fun getting creative!!!

Gumtree Kids Team

5 Dino trays PDF

AU$10.00 Regular Price
AU$5.00Sale Price
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