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Tuff Trays are a large heavy duty plastic tray.

Dimensions: 940 x 940 x 7.5cm

Made from: a durable plastic

Colour: Black and Blue


Large heavy-duty plastic tray. It's lightweight & is octagonal shaped with raised sides which make it perfect for containing messy play.

Easy to wipe clean or hose after messy play.

They can usually be used outside but are also fantastic for in-home use.

Please note:

While using the tuff tray do not overload with alot of heavy items as the weight can cause the tray to bend and warp. The Tray is intended for small world play, arts and crafts, etc.


Some of the trays might arrive with a slight bend in the middle. It is how they are manufactured. The solution from the company is to place in sun with warm water for a few hours.


(please note: accessories shown is not included - please see our combo package for stands)


Message for quote for postage ( usually arround $25-$30 but depending on your location the postage could rise.)



Please note: Gst is added at checkout.


NDIS compliant invoices can be provided.

Tuff tray Back order until Aug 2nd

Tray colour
Back order until Aug 2nd. Secure yours today as they sell out quick.
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